Have You Considered These Entry-Level Accounting Jobs?

There's More Than One Way To Start An Accounting Career

As challenging as it can be to plan where you'll end up in any chosen career path, getting a sense of jobs available near the ground level can help you get the ball rolling. Following are some fairly common entry-level accounting jobs that only require a degree in accounting or finance (even though experience is always a plus):

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts collect and interpret large quantities of financial information, including financial statements, economic forecasts and trends in financial holdings in order to recognize developing patterns and make future predictions or provide advice for their employers.

Moderate job growth is predicted for financial analysts moving forward, so this position is high on the list of entry-level accounting jobs. A retirement rate below average has resulted in fewer openings—though unemployment in this field is typically quite low—but you can expect additional opportunities to become available as Baby Boomers leave their jobs in larger numbers in the coming years.

Mortgage Underwriter

A Mortgage Underwriter is responsible for determining whether or not an attempt to secure a mortgage should be approved. This decision involves analyzing an applicant’s past credit history, employment and income, outstanding debts and collateral. Using this information, an underwriter assesses the risk involved in approving a particular mortgage.

A university degree in business, accounting or economics is an absolute necessity in this field, and angling for an internship in the banking industry is undoubtedly the best way to land an entry-level accouting job in this position.

Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk

These are discrete but closely related positions. An Accounts Payable Clerk oversees record-keeping and verifications of outstanding payments owed by his or her employer to suppliers, while an Accounts Receivable Clerk monitors payments owed to the employer to ensure prompt and timely payment, following up as necessary.

This position is particularly useful experience for someone looking to land an entry-level accounting job before pursuing further education in the field.

Credit Analyst

Similar in some capacities to a Mortgage Underwriter, a credit analyst is responsible for assessing personal or business finances and making recommendations or adjustments to that party’s financial commitments. This can include closing a credit card or extending a line of credit. A Credit Analyst may also work with businesses which offer financing for their clients, such as banks.

The Credit Analyst job market is projected to experience average growth in the coming years, while noteworthy unemployment in this area is usually rare. Everybody needs to borrow money, right?


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