Landing an Entry-Level Administrative Job

Do I Have What it Takes?

Administrative assistant, secretary, office administrator… these are some of the most important positions in any company. Landing an entry-level administrative job in the business or professional world can be a rewarding and satisfying career in itself, as well as an excellent opportunity for career advancement. Entry-level admin jobs require skill, attention to detail, efficiency, and an ongoing willingness to increase one’s knowledge.

The administrative assistant’s job is to carry out the details of office procedure and other matters that the employer would be doing if not absorbed in work that cannot be delegated. The admin is a very important liaison between the employer and the rest of the company, and it is crucial to know what the employer expects of the person in that position. To present yourself at your very best during the interview process, as well as during the first few critical weeks in an entry-level administrative job, keep in mind that the employer will be drawn to character traits such as punctuality, dependability, the ability and willingness to learn and follow instructions, loyalty, confidentiality, and overall professionalism.

But the seasoned employer will look for more in a prospective entry-level administrative assistant than just the general qualifications. During an extended interview, the employer will note traits such as quick-wittedness, commitment to work, flexibility, a level of intelligent and pleasant conversation, and a sense of courtesy… these qualities will be considered valuable in establishing productive relations with fellow employees as well as customers.


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