Customer Service Staffing Agencies - Why Luxor?

Because We Are In The Business of Customer Service!

Luxor Staffing has over 100 years' combined experience in effectively cultivating a diverse workforce for our clients. It's all about people, and nowhere does this ring more truly than in the field of customer service staffing.

It all starts with positivity and the art of listening. These traits are not only crucial in the employees you need to fill your customer service jobs, but in the staffing agency you've chosen to bring you those employees. Follow-through and follow-up are equally important, and among customer service staffing agencies, Luxor Staffing is light years ahead here as well.

If your organization requires professional staffing AND employees with the right combination of communication skills, empathy, patience, and technical knowledge, then your first choice in customer service staffing agencies should be Luxor Staffing. Period.


We have new positions open in all areas. Please contact your nearest Luxor location today to learn about our latest job opportunities and let us get started on your future.

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