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Luxor Staffing


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Luxor Staffing will find you the right employees


High-volume experts for a diverse range of industries


___REPLACE___ | We work with companies in a range of industries who have a variety of s___REPLACE_B___ requirements. Nevertheless the ___REPLACE_B___ quality of ___REPLACE_C___ we deliver for you is what distinguishes us from everyone else in ___REPLACE_E___. Additionally our ___REPLACE_E___ location offers the ___REPLACE_C___ and skills of a national firm. Also, we maintain the ___REPLACE_D___ market knowledge and personal attention of a ___REPLACE_A___ firm. 

Furthermore we combine the best of both worlds to provide an unforgettable customer experience for both ___REPLACE_B___ and ___REPLACE_B___. ___REPLACE_E___ has a ___REPLACE_A___ economy, a developing talent scene, and some of the country’s friendliest and most laid-back residents. Furthermore our goal is to figure out what’s important to you — your objectives, priorities, and success in ___REPLACE_D___.


Our ___REPLACE_A___  offices work hard to understand your needs, track results, collect feedback, and keep things personal in ___REPLACE_E___. Additionally everything we do is geared on bettering your ___REPLACE_B___ experience. We have a procedure in place that ensures we present excellent individuals who are exactly suited to your requirements for ___REPLACE_D___. Moreover for the ___REPLACE_A___ ___REPLACE_C___ we give, we have been recognized as a leader in our industry.

Nethertheless there is just one ___REPLACE_A___ staffing and recruitment employment firm to turn to when it comes to ___REPLACE_B___ in ___REPLACE_E___ and that is us. Also our skilled recruiters in ___REPLACE_E___ provide executive ___REPLACE_C___ with permanent employment options in all ___REPLACE_D___ areas.


We are a ___REPLACE_B___ agency that provides staffing services to satisfy our clients’ needs. Additionally we work with businesses all around ___REPLACE_E___. Our team of ___REPLACE_A___ recruiters can help you fill a ___REPLACE_B___ gap or find fresh talent to grow your ___REPLACE_D___ business. However what sets us apart from the ___REPLACE_D___ competition is the time we spend learning about your needs.

However not all ___REPLACE_E___ staffing firms are created equal, but we are an exception. We are a ___REPLACE_A___ employment service that works with applicants who are not only seeking for new jobs. Also people seeking new careers in the ___REPLACE_E___ job market. Finally, we are more than just ___REPLACE_B___ recruiters. We are an organization of ___REPLACE_A___ individuals who work together to identify new positions in a variety of fields.

With Luxor, you get a management team with over 100 years' combined experience in the staffing industry.

Ensuring that you have the right employees to help run and grow your business. Your bottom line rests on a foundation of cost-efficiency, and we strengthen that foundation by offering the most competitive rates in the industry—without sacrificing quality or service.

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Hands-on Service

No matter how large or small your staffing needs.


Multiple discounts available for high-volume, transfers, and referrals!

Volume Experts

Specializing in staffing shifts of 300 or more employees.


Complete customization, compliance, & reporting.

Customized Services

We implement and can customize any site specific safety programs to meet our client’s needs.

ACA Coverage

We provide coverage to all Luxor employees from day one at no cost to you!

We have one of the lowest turnover rates
in the staffing industry.

We take care of our employees, so they will take care of you!

Who We Serve

We offer all the capabilities and reach of a national staffing firm while maintaining the hands-on level of service you would normally expect only from a small, locally-owned business.

Distribution & Logistics


Print & Press

General Warehouse

Machine & Equipment Operation

Food Production & Packaging

Assembly & Kitting

Electronics Testing & Repair

Commercial Recycling

What Our Clients Are Saying

I would like to thank the Luxor team for your continued hard work and dedication during these unprecedented times. The products that MPS is making are an essential link in the global supply chain for products used to fight against COVID-19 and to maintain essential services and infrastructure during this time, and we are thankful to you for filling our recruiting needs in this pandemic. Once again thank you for all you do.

Operations ManagerMansfield, TX

I just want to say that the Luxor team is just great to work with. I pull them in all directions and they do the best they can; they are a very hard-working team. They seem to work non-stop; not even the Energizer bunny can keep up with them!

HR RepresentativeLancaster, TX

We sincerely appreciate the partnership we have with Luxor Staffing. This is why I surround myself with the people from Luxor. I want to be successful in staffing our warehouse.

Operations ManagerFort Worth, TX

You are awesome! Thank you so very much for all you do! You guys really deserve a big treat for all of your hard work!!!!

Operations ManagerDallas, TX

We have gotten excellent service from Luxor since we have been in business. The associates of your company have been responsive and professional at all times.

Operations ManagerFort Worth, TX

I wanted to say great job to everyone at Luxor. I haven't been able to say that about a staffing agency in a long time. Luxor has been really great and very helpful.

Safety ManagerGarland, TX

The Luxor staffing team is an amazing business partner for our business. They have gone above in beyond to support our staffing needs. Their values align with our business and they truly take care of their employees. Luxor goes above and beyond to service our business needs. They contribute to all of our employee events to help build rapport and retain their associates. Luxor has an amazing team and they are fantastic to work with.

VP of Human ResourcesDenver, CO

Luxor has demonstrated within a short period of time that they made our account a priority and provided workers quickly to assist with our work volumes.

Human Resources ManagerNashville, TN

Luxor Staffing goes beyond our expectations in sending qualified potential employees, managing our daily reporting needs and facilitating a successful partnership. There's really nothing they could improve on - they are 100%.

CEODallas, TX

Luxor has been very responsive to all my requests in a very timely manner!

Operations Support ManagerAtlanta, GA

I've tried several staffing agencies and found that Luxor Staff has been the better fit for our needs. I would highly recommend Luxor Staffing to anyone in the need to having positions filled.

Plant ManagerGreensboro, NC

Excellent business partnership! Recruiters are very professional and TEAM PLAYERS! Temp employees are trained and well informed before arriving for their assignments - Erica escorts each employee to our front lobby on their FIRST day! IDX really appreciates the first-class service!

Safety ManagerDesoto, TX

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