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With Luxor Processing Staff Agency in Arlington you get a management team with over 100 years’ combined experience in the Staff industry to suit your career.

Rewrite the script of your professional journey at Processing Staff Agency in Arlington, where career fulfillment takes on a broader perspective through the harmonious interplay of work balance and career potential.

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Hands-on Experience 

Shine on a bigger canvas; we connect you to hands-on opportunities across the Texas.


Embrace continuous growth at Luxor; leave stagnation behind as potential fuels your climb.


Set your beat with part-time, full-time, remote, or on-site roles that resonate with your rhythm.


Personalized programs at Luxor bridge theory-to-praxis, conquering curves and propelling success.

Diverse Opportunity

Your voice matters, your goals matter; find your ideal path in our diverse career landscape.

ACA Coverage

Future-proof your health and career with Luxor’s ACA beyond the basics.

We have one of the lowest Processing turnover rates in the Staff industry.

We take care of our employees, so they will take care of you!

Processing Staff Agency

Offering the strength of a national Processing Staff company, yet providing the hands-on service here at the best, Luxor Staffing Agency.

Manufacturing Jobs
Distribution & Logistics Jobs
Clerical Jobs
Print & Press Jobs
General Warehouse Jobs
Machine & Equipment Operation Jobs
Food Production & Packaging Jobs
Assembly & Kitting Jobs
Electronics Testing & Repair Jobs
Commercial Recycling Jobs

What Our Clients Are Saying

Luxor's encouragement of being oneself and fitting into the organizational culture creates a workplace where I feel appreciated. The supportive environment and positive colleagues make my time at Luxor enjoyable.

Luxor Processing Staff EmployeeArlington, TX

Overall, Luxor provides a positive and supportive work environment. The openness to new ideas and suggestions fosters productive debates, contributing to a comprehensive and supportive onboarding process.

Processing Staff Agency EmployeeArlington, TX

Luxor's commitment to employee well-being and career advancement opportunities makes it a great place to work. The leadership, work-life balance, and fantastic colleagues contribute to a superb overall experience.

Processing Staff EmployeeArlington, Texas

With consistent promotions and excellent ACA coverage, Luxor stands out as a great place to work. The supportive atmosphere and opportunities for career growth make it a top choice for employees.

Processing EmployeeArlington, Texas


Why choose the Processing industry here at Luxor Processing Staff Agency in Arlington, Texas?

Luxor Processing Staff  Agency is a reputable staffing agency specializing in the Processing industry. With a skilled management team, they prioritize matching job seekers with suitable opportunities to foster career growth. Offering competitive rates and top-notch service, Luxor is a trusted partner for individuals seeking to excel in  Processing careers.

What are the Benefits of Processing Staff Agency in Arlington, Texas?

Opting for a Staff Agency, such as Luxor Arlington, comes with numerous advantages compared to not utilizing one. Alongside offering competitive rates, Luxor Arlington maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Specializing in high-volume staffing, they provide hands-on service, discounts, and expertise in this field. Additionally, positive feedback from Luxor Processing Staff Agency employees emphasizes the presence of a structured work environment, fair remuneration, a healthy work-life balance, and valuable employee training programs.

What jobs does Luxor Staff Agency in Arlington, Texas provide?

Luxor Staff Agency offers diverse opportunities of jobs for career growth including warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, assembly, repair, distributions, kitting, food, processing, packaging, electronics and recycling. Enjoy the endless opportunities to you for your career development and overall knowledge in various industries here at Luxor  Staff Agency.